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Airwallex Global Accounts are programmable bank accounts. They come in different currencies and can be opened in different locations around the world. Use them to collect and manage money from all around the world to serve the needs of your customers and business use cases.

How it works

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Just like a regular bank account, you can set up a Global Account for yourself or your customers and partners to receive and manage money. But unlike a regular bank account, they are programmable - you can set it up instantly via API and get going right away without complex application processes or approval delays. More importantly, you can use as many of them as you need to implement solutions for your own business use cases.

With Global Accounts, we have enabled different businesses ranging from platforms and marketplaces to SaaS companies and fintechs to offer financial services to their end customers.

Next steps

If you are looking to extend your offering into financial services and need basic banking infrastructure, you can learn more about some of the use cases that we support and check out our Global Account Capabilities.

Feeling technical already? You can have a feel of how to work with our Global Accounts API.

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