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Whitelabel Cards

The Airwallex Issuing Platform can be used to implement an organization's own cards proposition. By utilizing the Airwallew BIN and along with Airwallex’s Scale and Issuing products, a card can be provisioned for an organisation’s end customer. This card can be topped up via a dedicated collection account specific to that card / cardholder.

In addition, the balance can be extended to hold multiple currencies if required to support a specific use case.

The end customer can be programmatically onboarded including the full KYC process (Requirements vary depending on the product and region). Access to balance and transaction information is provided by an API enabling a fully native experience to be developed.

  1. Via an organisation’s native experience, a card holder can sign up for a Card product providing the relevant proof of identification, and then be instantly provided with a Virtual Card. The physical card can be sent later in the post;
  2. At the time of card creation, a unique collection bank account for a desired currency is created and provided to the card holder;
  3. The cardholder is told about the card top up account and then move funds to that account;
  4. Once funds are available the card can be used;
  5. A full view of balance and transaction history is available;
  6. Additionally the card can be provisioned to store multiple currencies at the same time either via top up from specific currency collection accounts or by utilizing Airwallex’s FX platform.