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Gig Economy Payroll

In the gig economy, contracted staff (Gigster) are looking to be paid quickly, with the payment linked to a job being completed and not on a weekly or monthly cycle.

Utilising Airwallex’s Issuing Platform, a Virtual or Physical card can be generated for a new gigster with funds sent to the card programmatically and in real time when a job is completed. The gigster can then use the card to make payments straight away.

For global organisations funds can be dispersed in a single currency so as to simplify reconciliation activities, Airwallex’s multi currency card will then facilitate local transactions in the currency of the gigsters location.

  1. When a gigster is onboarded to the organisation's platform they can be provided with a virtual card instantly (a Physical card can follow later in the post);
  2. When a job is completed the organization will transfer funds from their master account to the gigster’s card;
  3. The funds are available immediately for the gigster to make a payment;
  4. Balance and transaction history is available via an API and can be integrated with the gigsters own app experience.